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PR Agencies

Working for a PR Agency – with Meghan Sager, Meghan Sager, Online Analyst for New Media Strategies, has worked for three communications agencies since graduating from college a few years ago. This young PR professional describes how working for a PR agency is different from working in internal communications, and provides advice for those seeking a position with a PR or communications agency.

Produced by Mary Fletcher Jones for Conversations in Public Relations. September 2009.

7 Responses to PR Agencies

  • Let your conversation be natural? Good info , excellent inside scoop. Give
    me more, yeah!

  • cool video.

  • @ewestent Thanks!

  • I love Meghan’s idea of learning on more than one level in all this. Indeed
    I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for those who like to talk and adore
    being active and interact. Thanks for the video.

  • I swear to God PR is nothing but a service field for average people , those
    who don’t have anything else to do in their life

  • omg. i’m a PR student right now (going into my second year) and so far I
    have started doing PR work for tv shows on my college campus (casting
    calls, promotions on campus, handling the different social media accounts
    online) and watching this video has made me even more excited to be in the
    field of PR. After watching this I realize that I still have a looooong way
    to go but this is very inspirational and awesome to see someone in the
    field and sharing her experiences. Thank You For Uploading!

  • It’s so obvious that the two people were filmed at different times. Very

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