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Stopping Laptop Radiation Emissions

Protecting yourself from laptop radiation

The main culprit for emitting radiation is actually the screen of a laptop. The same can be said of a computer’s monitor, or even a television screen. No matter whether the backlighting is created by LCDs, if the source is via plasma, or if another technology is used; just waving your hand in front of a warm screen will be more than enough to demonstrate the energy making its way from the surface outwards, into a living/ functional area.

So, how can this emission be contained for protection and why do so many people overlook the need to secure their devices? Well, it all stems back to the wide availability of laptops and handheld devices; although manufactures are legally obliged to take every precaution to protect their consumers, this requirement does have a time limit. As a result, a provider isn’t required to ensure protection after the warranty expires.

Likewise, flicking devices into power saving settings will allow the product to emit a far lower amount of energy. Many industry experts recommend wearing protective gear when working within areas with a high EMF reading – especially regions that may be underground where emissions will struggle to escape and can be absorbed into walls, corridors and flooring.

In most cases, simply taking a few precautions to help to reduce the chance of electro-magnetic field exposure can be more than sufficient at keeping these harmful emissions at bay. Failing to properly protect yourself from these activities can have negative consequences for your health; so much so that there are a multitude of recorded cases where individuals have developed the symptoms of life-threatening conditions that have often led to fatalities.

How to minimise the risk of radiation from your devices

There are a multitude of radiation protection companies across Australia – the majority of which make it a priority to create and provide products that can help to reduce even the most severe signs of radioactive energies. As these energies can escape from gaps within a device or from the screen itself; many products will act to reduce the chance of energy emissions, or cover areas to better contain the radiation within.
When it comes to mobiles and smartphones, the best way to ensure protection is performing the following steps:
1. Ensure that the phone is properly maintained and in a functional condition
2. Purchase protective casing to reduce the amount of energy that can be emitted
3. Install a relevant screen cover to help to minimise the screen’s radiation
The latter two steps are easy to ensure, as the products needed can be purchased from a company that specialises in device radiation protection. By taking these precautions, studies have shown that the risk of exposure can be reduced by up to 95% – with those that opt to ignore safety warnings being far more likely to suffer with the side effects of overexposure.

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