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Studio Jay!

Sydney web design, marketing and social media marketing for public relations.

We are a web design firm based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in semantic, standards compliant web design and development and are affiliated with
SEO Sydney | Local SEO Ranking Agency | Sydney Search Results

What does this jargon mean for you? It means your website is highly compatible, future-proof, usable and accessible. Not to mention eye catching and visually appealing.



We do most of our development in either Java (using the Play! Framework for bespoke CMS development), or PHP (using any number of available platforms, including WordPress, CMS Made Simple, and PyroCMS, to name a few).


We take front-end development very seriously, and boast an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of standards-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and develop around the principles of progressive enhancement, making our sites usable to the widest possible range of seo users. See
http://level11.tumblr.com/ for seo tips and more


Our team of marketing experts ready for you

Get more from your design team as we have graphic web designers with a real background in Marketing to work on all your projects along with our expert SEO, Social Media and Public Relations marketing team. Ask our business consultancy advisor for more details: Douglas E. Castle

Main services

  • Beautiful SEO Web Design.
  • Take Marketing Viral.
  • Let Your Website Convert To Sales.
  • Known As Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising.