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Studio Jay was founded in 2003 by proprietor John Lukic as a means of generating additional income alongside John’s primary occupation. In 2005, James moved to full-time work in the I.T. & Services industry, and Studio Jay has prospered as a result.

Today, Studio Jay remains a solo operation, but maintains partnerships with several Australian small businesses for various specialist skills.

To this day Studio Jay is committed to providing web development solutions of the highest calibre. We take great pride in creating standards based websites that are stylish, appealing and accessible to all potential users.

  • Studio Jay specialize in semantic, standards-based websites of the highest calibre. We are geared toward small business clients, but offer eCommerce Content Management Systems (CMS) in ASP, and can implement PHP-based Open-Source software.
  • Perhaps you already have a website in development, and are having problems understanding your developers. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to express what you want in the subtle lingo of web designers. Studio Jay is here to help. We specialise in translating your needs into requirements that can be understood clearly by your developers, and vice versa.
  • Studio Jay offers tutoring services for students, and anyone else who would like to break into web design and development. The only requirement is that you have to want to learn. Rates are normally $50/hour, but are subject to change..

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