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Public Relations Marketing

Public Relations vs. Marketing, Should PR and Marketing be lumped together? Or should they be treated as separate endeavors? We ask Kent State University PR professors Bill Sledzik and Dr. Bob Batchelor to weigh in on the debate.

7 Responses to Public Relations Marketing

  • Prof. Batchelor’s comment suggesting very little difference between both
    disciplines is troubling. Marketing is “one-way” communication that causes
    transactions that deliver products and services in exchange for something
    of value to the provider (large companies depend on advertising to do
    this). PR is “two-way” communication that establishes and maintains
    mutually beneficial relationships between a company and those publics upon
    which its success or failure depends (relationship management).

  • Examples of good PR. Johnson and Johnson had the Tylenol tampering scandal
    back in the 80s. Good PR communicated the company’s loyalty and commitment
    to making the product safe. The public believed. The recent BP oil spill
    was a disaster. After several months of tail-chasing, BP launched a PR
    campaign. They used their own black employees from Louisiana in TV
    spots—making face-to-face promises to the people that they will remain
    committed to restoring all the wetlands. The people believed.

  • good video 😉

  • Prof. Batchelor, what are you talking about? I am shocked. you didnt even
    define marketing properly…. marketing is an umbrella? that’s a
    metaphorical function but not definition. PR is a function of communication
    not business….. i cant go on on basics… so disapointed

  • simplicity says yes. getting anyone to see you, your stance, your product
    and company as a yes experience is the goal of perceptional management of
    before, during and long after the sale. call it what you want because what
    ever you call it is what it is. this is from the top down. at lower level
    everything needs a label. at higher level the question is simple. our we
    winning? what ever winning means to that entity who needs “to be winning”,
    existing or functioning highly, them or the goals they serve and support.
    its a great video not because it is great, but rather simply because its a
    interesting conversation to observe~

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